Trochodendraceae Eichler
  • Flora 48: 14. 1865. (18 Jan 1865)

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General Information

Trees or shrubs, evergreen, with vessel-less wood. Reproductive shoots sympodial. Stipules absent. Leaves spirally arranged, pseudoverticillate, simple, petiolate; leaf blade pinnately veined. Inflorescences terminal racemes or panicles. Flowers bisexual, long-lived. Pedicel usually with 2--5 small bracteoles. Receptacle expanded. Perianth absent. Stamens 40--70, in several series. Carpels (4--) 6--17, in a single series, laterally fused; ovules 15--30 per carpel, in two rows along ventral suture of carpel. Fruit composed of laterally fused follicles, ventricidal and shortly loculicidal. Seeds basally and apically with winglike projections; endosperm oily; embryo minute.

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