Solanaceae Adans.
  • Fam. Pl. (Adanson) 2: 215. 1763 (Jul-Aug 1763)

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General Description

Herbs, shrubs, small trees, or climbers. Stems sometimes prickly, rarely thorny; hairs simple, branched, or stellate, sometimes glandular. Leaves alternate, solitary or paired, simple or pinnately compound, without stipules; leaf blade entire, dentate, lobed, or divided. Inflorescences terminal, overtopped by continuing axes, appearing axillary, extra-axillary, or leaf opposed, often apparently umbellate, racemose, paniculate, clustered, or solitary flowers, rarely true cymes, sometimes bracteate. Flowers mostly bisexual, usually regular, 5-merous, rarely 4- or 6-9-merous. Calyx mostly lobed. Petals united. Stamens as many as corolla lobes and alternate with them, inserted within corolla, all alike or 1 or more reduced; anthers dehiscing longitudinally or by apical pores. Ovary 2-5-locular; placentation mostly axile; ovules usually numerous. Style 1. Fruiting calyx often becoming enlarged, mostly persistent. Fruit a berry or capsule. Seeds with copious endosperm; embryo mostly curved.


Ovules very numerous, axile

Fruit a capsule or berry

Seeds with copious endosperm and curved or annular embryo

Calyx 4-6-lobed, persistent

Corolla gamopetalous, usually 5-lobed, lobes folded, contorted or valvate

Stamens inserted on the corolla-tube and alternate with its lobes; anthers 2-celled, cells parallel, opening lengthwise or by apical pores

Ovary 2-celled, the cells sometimes again divided by a false septum; style terminal

Flowers hermaphrodite, mostly actinomorphic

Leaves alternate, simple; stipules absent

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