Putranjivaceae Endl.
  • Ench. Bot. 174. 1841.
  • Guiana-plum Family

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General Information

Trees [shrubs], evergreen [deciduous], dioecious [rarely monoecious]. Leaves alternate [rarely opposite], simple; stipules present; petiole present; blade margins entire, dentate, or serrate; venation pinnate. Inflorescences unisexual, axillary [cauliflorous], fascicles or flowers solitary. Flowers unisexual; perianth hypogynous; hypanthium absent; sepals [3–]4–5[–7], distinct; petals 0; nectary present [absent]; stamens [2–]4–10[–50], distinct, free; anthers dehiscing by longitudinal slits; pistil 1, 1–2[–4]-carpellate; ovary superior, 1–2[–4]-locular, placentation axile; ovules 2 per locule, anatropous; styles [0]1–2[–4], distinct [connate basally]; stigmas 1–2[–4]; . Fruits drupes. Seeds 1 per locule or 1 per fruit by abortion.

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    Other Local Names

    Guiana-plum Family

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