Nephrolepidaceae Pic. Serm.
  • Webbia 29(1): 8–11. 1974[1975]. (10 Feb 1975)

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General Description

Plants medium-sized, terrestrial or creeping on rocks or small trees. Rhizome with peltate scales, dorsiventral, long creeping, or short and erect, sometimes bearing stolons or tubers, dictyostelic. Fronds distant or tufted, shortly to long stipitate; lamina lanceolate to elliptic-lanceolate, pinnate; pinnae glabrous or sometimes finely hairy; veins forked, free, ending in submarginal hydathodes. Sori orbicular, terminal on a veinlet, dorsal; indusium orbicular-reniform, often with a narrow sinus, or lunulate, broadly attached. Spores monolete.

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