Melianthaceae Horan.
  • Prim. Lin. Syst. Nat. 100. 1834. (2 Nov 1834)

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Leaves alternate, pinnate, stipulate; stipules intrapetiolar, often large

Calyx of 5 unequal segments, imbricate

Flowers hermaphrodite, rarely unisexual, racemose, zygomorphic

Seeds with copious endosperm and straight embryo

Fruit a papery or woody capsule, loculicidally 4–5-valved or opening only at the apex

Disk unilateral or annular, lining the inside of the calyx

Petals 5, free, subperigynous, clawed, unequal

Ovary 4–5-celled, superior; style central, dentate or truncate; ovules 1–4 in each cell, axile

Stamens 4–6, inserted within the disk, free or variously connate, often declinate; anthers 2-celled, opening lengthwise


  • 1 Melianthaceae, Hutchinson and Dalziel. Flora of West Tropical Africa 1:2. 1958
  • 2 Prim. Lin. Syst. Nat. 100. 1834. (2 Nov 1834)

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