Lindsaeaceae C. Presl ex M.R. Schomb.
  • Reis. Br.-Guiana 3: 883, 1048. 1848[1849]. (7-10 Mar 1849)

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General Description

Plants terrestrial, rarely climbing or epiphytic. Rhizomes creeping, sometimes scandent, protostelic or solenostelic, covered with narrow scales and/or hairs; scales basifixed, glabrous, 2-6(-12) cells wide at base, cells thick-walled, scale margin entire, apex bristlelike, ca. 1 cell wide. Fronds approximate or distant, vernation circinate; stipe not articulate to rhizome, with a single vascular bundle; lamina 1-4-pinnate, rarely simple, imparipinnate or not, herbaceous, papery, or thinly leathery, glabrous or with scattered very minute (microscopic) 2-celled hairs; pinnae or pinnules symmetrical or dimidiate, anadromous, rarely catadromous; veins free or anastomosing without included veinlets. Sori marginal or submarginal, terminal on a single veinlet or on 2 to several uniting veinlets, linear or oblong, indusiate; indusia basally adnate, laterally free or adnate, opening toward margin. Spores 32 per sporangium, tetrahedral-globose, globose, or ellipsoid, trilete or monolete.

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