Krameriaceae Dumort.
  • Anal. Fam. Pl. 20, 23. 1829.
  • Rhatany Family

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General Information

Herbs or shrubs, perennial, mostly evergreen. Leaves alternate, simple [3-foliolate]; stipules absent; petiole absent [present]; blade margins entire; venation pinnate . Inflorescences terminal, secund racemes [panicles], or axillary, solitary flowers. Flowers bisexual, bilaterally symmetric; perianth and androecium hypogynous; hypanthium absent; sepals [4–]5, distinct; petals [4–]5, proximal 2 distinct, , distal [2–]3 distinct or connate basally, ; nectary absent; stamens [3–]4, usually distinct, sometimes connate basally, free and inserted at base of petaloid petals or adnate to connate bases of petaloid petals; anthers dehiscing by terminal pores; pistil 1, 2-carpellate but appearing 1-carpellate by suppression of second carpel, ovary superior, 1-locular, placentation apical; ovules 2 per locule, anatropous; style 1; stigma 1. Fruits capsules, tardily and irregularly dehiscent, . Seeds 1 per fruit.

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    Rhatany Family

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