Diplaziopsidaceae X.C. Zhang & Christenh.
  • Phytotaxa 19: 15. 2011. (18 Feb 2011)

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Notes: More details could be found in The Plant List v.1.1.

General Description

Plants medium-sized or large, usually in forests near or beside streams. Rhizomes decumbent to erect, thick. Lamina 1-pinnate, imparipinnate, with pinnae entire, glabrous; veins free on either side of midrib, fully anastomosing toward margins and forming 2-4 rows of areoles, without included free veinlets. Sori elongate along long veins close to midrib, covered by a similarly elongate, membranous indusium; indusia usually 3-8 mm, sometimes up to 1-2 cm, arched, sausage-shaped. Spores with winglike fimbriate and echinate folds, or low perforate plain folds. x = 41, 40 or 31.

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