Davalliaceae M.R.Schomb. ex A.B.Frank
  • Reis. Br.-Guiana 3: 883. 1848[1849]. (7-10 Mar 1849)

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General Information

Plants small to moderate-sized, epiphytic, epilithic, or rarely terrestrial. Rhizome long creeping, dorsiventral, densely covered with peltate or basifixed scales; fronds usually in 2 rows. Fronds remote; stipe articulate at base to short or long phyllopodia; lamina simple, imparipinnate, or pinnatifid to 4-pinnate-pinnatifid, firmly herbaceous to leathery, glabrous or sometimes covered with scales or hairs; veins free, usually forked. False veins present in several species. Sporangia typically separately borne in a small discrete sorus terminal on veins, submarginal or sometimes medial [in Humata undulata (Alderwerelt) M. Kato & Tsutsumi connate and elongate along lamina margins]; indusium opening toward margin, attached at base and sometimes at sides, orbicular, reniform, or elongate toward margin. Sporangia long stalked, 3-seriate, annulus longitudinal, consisting of 12-16 thickened cells; spores monolete, elliptic or narrowly elliptic, translucent, usually without perispore.

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    Epiphytes with wide–creeping rhizomes, rarely terrestrial or suberect (Nephrolepis); tubers sometimes present (Nephrolepis); scales peltate; stipes jointed to the rhizome, except in Nephrolepis and Arthropteris where the pinnae are jointed to the rhachis

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    Epiphytic or terrestrial, less often on rocks; rhizome short- to long-creeping, densely clothed with often cordate or peltate sometimes toothed often clathrate scales which have hairs (often glandular) on the surface and/or margin

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