Datiscaceae Dumort.
  • Anal. Fam. Pl. 13, 14. 1829.
  • Datisca Family

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General Information

Herbs or subshrubs, perennial. Leaves alternate, pinnately incised to compound, sometimes simple; stipules absent; petiole present. Inflorescences axillary fascicles. Flowers usually unisexual (mostly bisexual in Datisca glomerata); calyx unequally 4–9-lobed; petals 0; staminate flowers: stamens [6–]8–12[–25]; filaments distinct, very short; pistillate flowers: calyx tube adnate to ovary; ovary inferior, 3–8-carpellate; placentation parietal; ovules 24–64; styles 3, threadlike, deeply forked at apex [subulate or longer with capitate-peltate or clavellate stigmas]; bisexual flowers often with staminodes. Fruits capsular, opening apically between styles. Seeds 100–300; embryo straight; endosperm little or none.

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    Datisca Family

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