Circaeasteraceae Hutch.
  • Fam. Fl. Pl., Dicot. 1: 98. 1926. (15 Jan 1926)

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General Information

Herbs annual. Cotyledons persistent. Leaves rosulate, borne on elongated hypocotyl; veins dichotomous. Flowers fascicled in axil of upper leaves, bisexual but number of organs variable. Sepals 2 or 3, persistent. Petals absent. Stamens 1 or 2(or 3), alternating with sepals; anthers 2-loculed, introrse. Carpels 1--3, separate; ovary superior; style absent; stigma terminal, papillate; ovule 1 per ovary, subapical, pendulous. Fruit indehiscent. Seeds with copious endosperm; embryo terete, straight, with short cotyledons.

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