Biebersteiniaceae Schnizl.
  • Anal. Nat. Ordn. Gew. 14. 1856.

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Perennial herbs with woody, occasionally tuberous rhizomes. Stems erect or plants nearly stemless, suffruticose. Indumentum of simple or stipitate glandular capitate trichomes. Leaves cauline or all nearly basal, alternate, stipulate; leaf blade 1-3-pinnatisect. Flowers bisexual, 5-merous, actinomorphic, 2-bracteolate in paniculate, spicate, or pseudocapitate inflorescences. Sepals free, persistent, occasionally accrescent in fruit. Petals free, alternating with 5 extrastaminal nectary glands, yellow to reddish yellow, rarely white, often denticulate at apex. Stamens 10; filaments connate at base; anthers tetrasporangiate, introrse. Gynoecium of 5 carpels; ovary superior, deeply lobed with 5 free gynobasic stylodia connected above into a capitate stigma; ovules pendulous, anacampylotropous, unitegmic, crassinucellate. Fruit a schizocarp, consisting of 5 indehiscent 1-seeded dry mericarps. Seeds large with rounded raphe; embryo slightly curved, with scanty endosperm.

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