Andreaeobryaceae Steere
  • Phytologia 33: 410. 1976.

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General Information

Plants clear green to olive green to dark red-brown to dull black, moderate in size, pulvinate to mat-forming. Stems erect, irregularly branched; rhizoids present; central strand absent. Leaves dimorphic, falcate-secund and ovate-lanceolate, occasionally minute, ecostate, imbricate, squamiform on flagelliform shoots or proximally on main stem; costa single, broad, indistinct, excurrent, forming a broad, obtuse subula, lamellae absent, in section at midleaf with substereid cells centrally, adaxially and abaxially of more or less uniform thick-walled cells; margins plane to weakly tubulose, never recurved; laminal cells rounded-quadrate to short-rectangular, 1-stratose at base, becoming 2-stratose distally, multistratose in four layers when filling the fleshy subula. Specialized asexual reproduction absent. Perichaetial leaves scarcely differentiated from stem leaves, not convolute-sheathing. Pseudopodium as an elongate gametophytic stalk not developed. Sporophytes terminal on a short and broad seta. Capsule erect, rounded angular-ovate (trullate), broadest toward the base, opening irregularly during period of dehiscence by 4-8 lateral longitudinal valves connected at the apex; stomata, annulus, operculum, and peristome absent. Calyptra large, enveloping the whole capsule, mitrate, becoming cucullate on dehiscence, persistent. Spores chlorophyllose or aborted, the former spheric to ovoid, relatively large, (50-)90-100(-120) µm, papillose or reticulate-papillose.

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