Zephyranthes Herb.
  • Appendix 36. 1821.
  • Rain-lily, fairy-lily, zephyr-lily [Greek Zephyros, west wind, and anthos, flower]

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Herbs, perennial, scapose, from bulbs. Bulbs black or brown, tunicate, ovoid or globose, sometimes with long neck. Leaves sessile, erect or recumbent, with overlapping sheathing bases; blade linear, rarely exceeding 1 cm wide, smooth. Scape hollow. Inflorescence 1-flowered (rarely 2-flowered in Z. drummondii), spathaceous, otherwise ebracteate; spathe proximally tubular. Flowers erect to declinate, actinomorphic; perianth subrotate to funnelform to salverform, connate basally into tube, 2–16 cm; tepals subequal; stamens 6, of 2 different lengths, appearing equal or subequal (anthers in 2 overlapping sets of 3) to unequal (anthers of the sets not overlapping in Z. longifolia); filaments inserted just above perianth tube, erect, diverging except when shorter than tube, long-filiform to short-subulate, those inserted on distal tepals usually 1+ mm longer than those inserted on proximal ones; anthers submedially dorsifixed, usually parallel with floral axis, linear-oblong; ovary inferior; style filiform; stigma capitate or 3-fid with lobes linear; pedicel sometimes absent, hollow. Fruits capsular, thin-walled, 3-locular, subglobose or ± oblate. Seeds numerous, black, flat, D- or wedge-shaped, lustrous. x = 6.

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    Herbs perennial, bulbiferous. Bulbs covered with a tunic. Leaves several, fascicled, linear. Flowering stem slender, hollow. Involucre 1, basally tubular, apically 2-notched. Flower solitary, terminal, erect. Perianth funnelform; tube short or long; lobes 6, subequal. Stamens 6, 3 long alternating with 3 short, inserted at throat or in tube of perianth; filament erect to slightly declinate; anther dorsifixed. Ovary with many ovules. Stigma 3-lobed or 3-notched. Fruit a capsule, subglobose, 3-valved, loculicidal. Seeds black, slightly flattened.

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      Hierbas bulbíferas, escaposas, glabras; bulbos solitarios o agrupados, tunicados. Hojas basales, planas, lineares. Escapo fistuloso; inflorescencia de una flor solitaria terminal con una espata membranácea subyacente, ésta tubular en la parte inferior, generalmente bilobada en la superior, flor sésil o pedicelada, actinomorfa; perianto infundibuliforme con hipanto tubular corto o alargado y limbo de 6 lobos iguales o subiguales; estambres 6, insertados en la garganta o en el tubo del perianto, algo dimorfos en longitud, ligeramente declinados, filamentos filiformes, anteras asimétricamente dorsifijas, introrsas, longitudinalmente dehiscentes; ovario ínfero, 3-locular, óvulos numerosos en cada lóculo, sobrepuestos, estilo solitario, terminal, estigma subcapitado o trífido. Fruto una cápsula loculicida, membranácea; semillas aplanadas, negras.

      Un género con 50–70 especies distribuidas desde el sureste de los Estados Unidos hasta Argentina y en las Antillas; 2 especies en Nicaragua.

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      Delicate, glabrous, acaulescent herbs arising from underground bulbs; leaves linear, contemporary with the flower; scape 1-flowered, consisting of an elongate peduncle bearing terminally a 1-valved spathe from which arises the solitary pedicel; perianth funnel-shaped with a short tube and subequal lobes, stamens 6, glabrous; filaments filiform, inserted in the throat or at the base of the perianth tube; anthers linear, versatile, attached below the middle; style slender, from 2 as long to almost as long as the perianth; stigma trifid or trilobed; capsule ovate, 3-valved, many seeded.

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      Bulbo generalmente pequeño. Hojas sésiles, estrechamente lineares. Escapo erecto, hueco, 1-floreado;brácteas connatas y tubulares abajo, separadas distalmente. Fl. (sub)erecta, solitaria, pedicelada (en CR); tubodel perianto muy corto a largo, con escamas fimbriadas a veces presentes en la garganta. Estambres separados,usualmente desiguales en 2 series. Fr. una cápsula subglobosa, como papel; semillas numerosas, negras, aplanadas,en forma de “D”.

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      "Perianth tubular at base, with 6 broad, curved-ascending or spreading segments; filaments elongate, inserted on the throat of the perianth; corona none; ovary inferior, with numerous ovules in each of the 3 locules; seeds flat; perennial herbs from a coated bulb, with several flat, linear, basal lvs and a hollow scape bearing a single large erect fl on a short peduncle subtended by scarious bracts. 35, warm Amer."

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      Rain-lily, fairy-lily, zephyr-lily [Greek Zephyros, west wind, and anthos, flower]

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