Venturiella Müll. Hal.
  • Linnaea 39: 421. 1875.
  • [For G. Venturi, 1830-1898, Italian lawyer and bryologist]

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Plants dull, dark green. Leaves imbricate, erect when dry, giving stem and branches a terete appearance, spreading when wet, ovate, subulate, subula flat, hyaline, serrulate; laminal cells smooth, linear in subulae, rhomboidal distally, quadrate to oblate in several proximal, marginal rows. Perichaetial leaves pale, erect, enlarged, sheathing. Seta quite short, straight. Capsule immersed to emergent, erect, cylindrical, pale yellow, stomatose, stomata numerous in proximal half of theca; annuli narrow or broad, persistent; peristome teeth well developed, 16, lanceolate, papillose, orange; operculum apiculate to rostrate. Calyptra mitrate, smooth, plicate, plicae serrulate. Spores finely papillose.

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    [For G. Venturi, 1830-1898, Italian lawyer and bryologist]

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