Tetrameles R. Br.
  • Narr. Travels Africa 2: 230(App. 25). 1826.

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Trees deciduous, buttressed. Male flowers 4- or 5-conglomerate on spikes; calyx deeply 4(or 5)-lobed, tube very short, cupular; petals absent; stamens 4(or 5); filaments longer than calyx lobes, incurved with extrorse anthers in bud, erect with introrse anthers at anthesis; sterile ovary discoid-subcruciate, rarely absent. Female flowers solitary or 2-4-conglomerate on spikes; calyx tube long, slightly quadrangular, cupular in distal part, lobes 4(or 5), triangular; ovary with 4(or 5) parietal placentas; styles 4(or 5). Capsule dehiscing apically between persistent styles. Seeds ovoid.

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