Sauromatum Schott
  • Melet. Bot. 17. 1832.

This taxon is accepted by Araceae
Notes: More details could be found in The Plant List v.1.1.

General Description

Herbs, seasonally dormant. Underground part a depressed-globose tuber. Leaves entire, sagittate-hastate, 3-lobed or -partite to pedatisect. Inflorescence simultaneous with or preceding leaves; peduncle short. Spathe divided into a connate or strongly convolute basal part with a ± strong apical constriction and a spreading lanceolate to ovate-triangular limb. Spadix as long as spathe, with 4 zones: a proximal female zone, an intermediate sterile zone with staminodes all over or only at base, a male zone, and a sessile or stipitate appendix. Female flowers 1-loculed with 1 or 2(or 3) orthotropous basal ovules. Proximal staminodes clavate, distal ones (when present) irregularly cristate or elongate aristate. Male flowers with 1-3 stamens opening by slits or pores; connective sometimes prolonged. Fruiting zone with spathe caducous or remaining; berries ovoid, 1(or 2)-seeded. Seeds with endosperm.

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