Sarcococca Lindl.
  • Bot. Reg. 1012. 1826.

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General Information

Shrubs, evergreen, monoecious; branches erect. Leaves alternate, shortly petiolate, leathery, margin entire, venation pinnate or palmately triplinerved. Inflorescences axillary or terminal, capitate or racemose, bracteate; male flowers several, inserted laterally in apical part; female flowers several, inserted basally; sometimes male or female flowers solitary in inflorescence. Flowers small, white or rose. Male flowers mostly with 2 bracteoles; tepals 4, divided into inner and outer series; stamens 4, opposite to tepals; filaments exserted, slightly compressed; sterile pistil 1, oblong, 4-ribbed, apex depressed. Female flowers pedicellate; bracteoles several, imbricate; tepals 4-6, decussate or 3 segments verticillate; interstylar nectaries or nectariferous tissue lacking; ovary 2- or 3-locular; styles 2 or 3, short, erect initially, later curved; stigma decurrent. Drupe ovoid or globose; exocarp fleshy or subdry; endocarp fragile; persistent style short, ca. 2 mm. Seeds 1 or 2, subglobose; testa membranous; endosperm fleshy.

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