Rhopalephora Hassk.
  • Bot. Zeitung (Berlin) 22: 58. 1864.

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General Information

Herbs perennial. Rhizomes absent. Stems creeping proximally, ascending distally. Leaves distichous or spirally arranged. Inflorescence corymbiform, umbel-like, of several to numerous elongate cincinni aggregated into inflorescence at apex of main stems and branches. Flowers zygomorphic. Sepals free, boat-shaped. Petals free, white to lilac, upper 2 shortly clawed. Fertile stamens 3, posterior, antepetalous stamen smaller than antesepalous 2; filaments glabrous; staminodes 3, or antesepalous one absent; antherodes 2-lobed. Ovary 1--3-loculed; ovules 1 or 2 per locule. Capsule subglobose, 1--3-valved; upper valve 1-seeded, indehiscent, sometimes deciduous; lower valves (when developed) seedless or 1(--20)-seeded, dehiscent. Seeds rugose; hilum linear.

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