Pollia Thunb.
  • Nov. Gen. Pl. 1: 11. 1781[1781].

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General Information

9. Pollia Thunb.

Por D.R. Hunt.

Hierbas perennes estoloníferas. Hojas medianas a grandes. Inflorescencia un tirso terminal. Flores bisexuales; sépalos 3; pétalos 3, libres, subiguales, comúnmente blancos, ocasionalmente azules o púrpura-azulosos; estambres 6, todos fértiles e iguales o variadamente dimorfos y con o sin estaminodios; filamentos glabros; ovario 3-locular; óvulos 2-seriados, generalmente 5-10 por lóculo. Fruto seco, crustáceo, indehiscente, azul o grisáceo; semillas con un hilo punteado a cortamente linear y un embriotegio dorsal. 1 sp. en Panamá, 18 spp. Viejo Mundo.

La única especie en Mesoamérica es Pollia americana.

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    Herbs perennial. Rhizomes horizontal, long. Stems erect or ascending, usually simple. Leaves alternate. Panicles terminal; cincinni with several flowers, proximal involucral bracts nearly leaflike, distal ones small; bracts enveloping inflorescence axis, membranous. Flowers actinomorphic. Sepals free, shallowly boat-shaped, often enlarging and persistent in fruit. Petals free, white, blue, purple, or greenish yellow, sometimes spotted, ovate-elliptic, ovate-orbicular, or obovate, sometimes clawed. Stamens 6, all fertile, equal or 3 smaller, or only anterior 3 fertile; filaments glabrous; anther locules oblong, longitudinally dehiscent; antherodes deltoid-lanceolate or sagittate. Ovary 3-loculed; ovules (1--)5--10 per locule. Fruit baccate, globose, 3-valved, indehiscent. Seeds (1--)5--8 per valve, purplish gray, polygonal, slightly flattened; hilum orbicular.

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