Metaplexis R. Br.
  • Mem. Wern. Nat. Hist. Soc. 1: 48. 1810.

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Lianas or scandent subshrubs. Leaves opposite, long petiolate. Inflorescences long pedunculate, racemelike with cymules laxly arranged along well-developed rachis. Calyx with 5 basal glands. Corolla subrotate; lobes longer than tube, twisted to left. Corona ringlike, inserted at base of gynostegium, rim 5-lobed; lobes hoodlike. Filaments connate into a short tube; anther appendages incurved; pollinia 2 per pollinarium, oblong or ovate-oblong, pendulous. Stigma head long beaked, 2-cleft or entire, exserted beyond anther appendages. Follicles fusiform or oblong, pericarp muricate, rugose, or smooth. Seeds ovate.

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    "Cor campanulately subrotate, deeply cleft, the narrow lobes densely bearded on the upper side; corona very short, the 5 broadly rounded lobes alternating with the anther-bases; anthers terminating in a conspicuous, inflexed membrane; pollinia solitary in each pollen-sac, pendulous, apically attached to the translator; style with a slender tip prolonged far past the anthers; twining shrubs or herbs with cordate lvs and pedunculate extra-axillary cymes solitary at the nodes. 6, e. Asia."

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