Hydrocotyle L.
  • Sp. Pl. 1: 234. 1753. (1 May 1753)

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Hierbas perennes, rastreras o escandentes, delgadas, glabras o pubescentes. Hojas alternas, simples, peltadas o no, palmatinervias y a veces palmatilobadas o -divididas, estipuladas, con pecíolo no envainador. Inflorescencias umbelas simples (a veces proliferantes) u ocasionalmente en espigas o verticilos, involucro inconspicuo o ausente, flores pediceladas o sésiles, blancas a purpúreas; cáliz obsoleto; pétalos sin ápice inflexo; estilopodio cónico a deprimido; carpóforo generalmente ausente. Fruto orbicular a elipsoide, comprimido a aplanado lateralmente, con costillas filiformes, delgadas o indefinidas, superficie glabra o pubescente, con células estructurales rodeando la cavidad de la semilla, vitas ausentes.

Un género austral y tropical con 75–100 especies, poco representadas en las zonas templadas del Hemisferio Norte; 6 especies se conocen en Nicaragua y 1 se espera encontrar.

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    Perennial, glabrous or pubescent creeping herbs; stems rooting at the nodes, the leaves petiolate, peltate or not, simple, entire to parted, the petiole not sheath- ing, stipulate; inflorescence of simple, or proliferous, umbels borne on axillary peduncles, or subsessile, an involucre present or lacking; rays spreading to re- flexed; flowers white, greenish, or yellow, the petals plane, the calyx minute or obsolete; stylopodium conical to depressed, the styles short to elongate, a carpo- phore lacking; fruit strongly flattened laterally, the dorsal ribs acute or obsolete, the lateral usually conspicuous, the carpels orbicular to triangular in transection, oil-bearing cells conspicuous to obsolete, and strengthening cells usually surround- ing the seed cavity, or these obsolete; seed ovate to ovate-oblong in transection, its face plane to concave.

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    "Fr orbicular to ellipsoid, strongly flattened laterally, its ribs evident to obsolete, the secondary ones not developed; each mericarp with a layer of sclerenchyma surrounding the seed-cavity; carpophore wanting; peduncles axillary, elongate to nearly obsolete, bearing a simple umbel, or the umbel proliferous into an interrupted (sometimes forked) spike; invol small or none; sep minute or obsolete; pet white in our spp.; small perennials, the slender stem prostrate or arched and rooting at the nodes, with simple, long-petiolate, broadly ovate to orbicular or reniform, sometimes peltate lvs. 75, mostly warm reg."

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