Homalotheciella (Cardot) Broth.
  • Nat. Pflanzenfam. 232/233[I,3]: 1133. 1908.

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General Information

Plants small, in dense mats, yellowish. Stems creeping, loosely imbricate-foliate, not julaceous, regularly or irregularly pinnate, branches terete-foliate; central strand present, weak; pseudoparaphyllia short-ovate; axillary hairs of 2 cells. Stem leaves erect, often homomallous, closely arranged, ovate, concave, not plicate; base scarcely decurrent; margins serrate; apex slender-acuminate; costa to mid leaf or beyond, slender, sometimes indistinct, terminal spine absent; alar cells quadrate; laminal cells elongate. Branch leaves similar. Sexual condition autoicous; perichaetia gemmiform, axillary on stem. Seta light brown, papillose. Capsule erect, brown, ovoid or slightly asymmetric; annulus not separating; operculum obliquely rostrate; peristome hygrocastique, modified; . Calyptra bearing few slender 1-seriate hairs. Spores 18-25 µm.

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