Hedwigia P. Beauv.
  • Mag. Encycl. 9(5[19]): 304. 1804. (21 Feb 1804)

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General Information

Plants large, sordid yellow-green, rarely bright green, pale buff to red-brown with age, sometimes hoary distally. Stems with stoloniform-flagelliform branches absent. Leaves erect to subsecund and imbricate, not undulate-plicate, occasionally somewhat striolate when dry, 1.5-3 mm; margins recurved or sometimes plane in proximal 1/2-2/3, plane, erect, or incurved in acumen, in larger leaves closely and irregularly dentate to spinulose-dentate in apex; apex erect to patent when dry, wide-spreading and recurved or reflexed when moist, acute, acuminate, or subpiliferous, concolorous when muticous, or hyaline-white with pellucid tip, canaliculate-furrowed to tubular, papillose proximally, spinose-serrate medially, smooth apically; alar cells oblate, quadrate, or short-rectangular, smooth to simple-papillose, walls even to thick and porose, region concolorous or color similar to mid basal region, in several rows along margins; mid basal laminal cells long-rectangular, papillae 4-7, in 1 row, walls strongly thick, moderately to strongly porose, region strongly yellow- to red-orange across insertion or to 1/4-1/3(-1/2) leaf length; medial cells 1- or multipapillose on both surfaces, papillae simple or multifid, walls thick, moderately to coarsely and irregularly porose-sinuate; distal cells chlorophyllose and similar to medial cells, or echlorophyllose and differentiated, prorulose at distal cell ends, papillose; apical cells pellucid, less papillose. Sexual condition autoicous; perichaetial leaves to 4 mm, margins entire or ciliate distally. Vaginula with paraphyses few to many, smooth, occasionally papillose, often extending onto developing calyptra. Seta reddish brown, 0.5-0.9 mm, stout, hidden by perichaetial leaves. Capsule deeply immersed, brown proximally, shiny red-brown at mouth, turbinate-urceolate when dry, subglobose, short-ovoid, or obovoid when moist, 1 mm, longitudinally wrinkled to sharply sulcate when dry, smooth except for neck, mouth wide; stomata cryptoporic; operculum planoconvex, sometimes subumbonate-apiculate. Calyptra conic-mitrate, 0.5-0.9 mm, covering apex of capsule, pilose or naked. Spores 19-30 µm, finely to somewhat coarsely vermiculate-papillose.

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