Gymnema R. Br.
  • Prodr. 461–462. 1810. (27 Mar 1810)

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Lianas. Cymes often racemelike, sessile or short pedunculate, often 2 at a node. Flowers small. Calyx with basal glands. Corolla campanulate; lobes ca. as long as tube, twisted to right or subvalvate, interior of tube with 5 longitudinal ridges, sometimes produced into fleshy appendages and/or with lines of hairs along each side. Corona lobes otherwise absent. Filaments connate into a tube; anthers erect, apical appendages membranous; pollinia 2 per pollinarium, oblong, erect. Stigma head hemispherical, obtusely conical or clavate and beaked, exceeding anthers. Follicles solitary or paired and widely divergent, ovoid to strongly beaked, often broad at base.

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