Disporum Salisb.
  • Trans. Hort. Soc. London 1: 331. 1812.

This taxon is accepted by Colchicaceae
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General Description

Herbs perennial, often shortly rhizomatous, sometimes long stoloniferous, often glabrous, sometimes scabrous. Roots fleshy. Stem erect, simple or branched in distal part, with 1 to several sheaths proximally. Leaves concentrated in distal part of stem, alternate, often shortly petiolate, sometimes sessile, linear to suborbicular, 3--7-veined. Inflorescences terminal or pseudolateral (terminal on a short, lateral branchlet opposite a leaf), umbellate or with flowers paired or solitary; bract absent. Flowers bisexual, often nodding, sometimes horizontal, tubular-campanulate to opening flat. Tepals 6, free, white, greenish, yellow, pink, dark red, or dark purple, often saccate or spurred at base. Stamens 6, inserted at base of tepals; filaments usually slightly flat; anthers basifixed to innate, extrorse. Ovary 3-loculed; ovules 2--6 per locule. Style filiform, 3-lobed to 3-fid apically with ± recurved lobes. Fruit a berry, dark blue to black, 2(--6)-seeded. Seeds globose or ovoid.

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    "Fls perfect; tep 6, elongate, similar, distinct; stamens 6, inserted on the base of the perianth; filaments elongate; anthers linear-oblong, extrorse; ovules 2–6 per locule; style with 3 short, spreading stigmas, or undivided; fr a trilocular, ellipsoid to obpyriform, few-seeded berry; rhizomatous herbs, the stem forked above and bearing several sessile, reticulate-veiny lvs; fls rotate or campanulate, drooping or spreading, solitary or in small umbel-like clusters of 2 or 3 terminating the branches. 15, Asia and N. Amer. (Prosartes, the 5 N. Amer. spp., perhaps to be held as distinct)"

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