Cyathostemma Griff.
  • Not. Pl. Asiat. 4: 707. 1854.

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Shrubs, climbing. Inflorescences terminal, extra-axillary, or often leaf-opposed; flowers solitary or in pendulous and few-flowered cymes from branches or trunk. Flowers bisexual or unisexual, subglobose. Pedicel bracteate. Torus flattened, margins prominent. Sepals 3, valvate, connate at base, usually hirsute. Petals 6, biseriate, short, subequal or inner smaller, imbricate at apex, valvate at base remaining incurved. Stamens numerous, oblong; anthers subintrorse; connectives oblique, incurved. Carpels numerous; ovules few to numerous per carpel, in 2 series; styles cylindric, glabrous; stigma conical, 2-cleft at apex. Fruit apocarpous, pedicellate; monocarps stipitate, oblong or ovoid. Seeds several per monocarp, in 2 series.

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