Corynaea Hook. f.
  • Trans. Linn. Soc. London 22: 31, 54. 1856.

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1. Corynaea Hook. f.

Helosis auct., non Rich., Itoasia Kuntze

Por S. Knapp.

Tubérculos subterráneos irregularmente lobados, amiláceos; tallos emergiendo directamente del tubérculo, afilos, sin brácteas; rizomas ausentes. Inflorescencias bisexuales, subesféricas a ovoides; brácteas hexagonales, peltadas, prontamente caducas. Flores embebidas en una capa densa de tricomas filiformes. Flores estaminadas tubulares, el perianto 3-lobado o irregularmente crenado, los estambres 3, connatos, el sinandro 6-locular, los lóculos dispuestos longitudinalmente. Flores pistiladas comprimidas; perianto adnato al ovario, los segmentos del perianto 2, inconspicuos; estilos 2. 1 sp. Neotrópicos, en bosques montanos.

La única especie es Corynaea crassa.

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    Rhizomes nodular or rarely elongate, often lobed, lacking scales, sometimes with root-like processes. Inflorescence mostly monoecious and proterogynous or rarely dioecious, claviform, the peduncle encircled at the base with a glabrous annular to cupuliform sheath which is sometimes very obscure, naked above the sheath, the head globose or ellipsoid, when immature covered with 6-sided, peltate, umbonate scales underneath which occurs a dense mat of paraphysoid trichomes and young developing flowers, the scales deciduous prior to anthesis. Perianth of the staminate flowers tubular, conical or subcampanulate, completely connate, crenate; in the pistillate flowers reduced to a low epigynous collar or, according to some authors, absent- Stamens 3, exserted, the filaments completely fused into a staminal column free from the perianth tube, the anthers united into a synan- drium, each with two large lateral pollen sacs, introrse; absent in the pistillate flowers. Pistil 2-carpellate, the ovary compressed, the ovules 2, fused to the ovary wall, generally only one maturing, the styles 2, filiform, spreading, deciduous, the stigmas globose or capitate; pistillode present in the staminate flowers. Fruit nut- like, compressed, with crusty epicarp and hard endocarp.

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    A poorly known genus consisting of perhaps 4 species of Central and South America. Only 1 species is represented in Panama.

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