Anisocampium C. Presl
  • Abh. Königl. Böhm. Ges. Wiss., ser. 5, 6: 418–419. 1851.

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Plants terrestrial, small to medium-sized. Rhizomes long creeping, erect, or shortly creeping with ascending apex, clothed with brown lanceolate or linear scales. Fronds distant or caespitose; stipe usually stramineous, long, with sparse scales at base, upper part glabrate, grooved adaxially, groove open to rachis groove; lamina pinnate, oblong-lanceolate, ovate-oblong, or deltoid-ovate; pinnae pinnatifid at apex or terminal pinna similar to lateral pinnae; basal pinnae opposite or subopposite, shortly stalked; upper pinnae alternate, falcate or ascending, lanceolate, margin shallowly lobed, segments toothed, acuminate. Veins pinnate, lateral veins 3-5 pairs, simple or occasionally forked, free or connected to form 1 or 2 pairs of rhomboid areoles. Lamina papery when dried, glabrate adaxially, costae and midribs abaxially with brown linear-lanceolate small scales and short pale hairs. Sori orbicular, medial or subbasal on veins; indusia small, orbicular-reniform, membranous, ciliate at margin, fugacious. Spores bilateral, perispore surface with lophate ridges. x = 40.

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