Andreaeobryum Steere & B.M. Murray
  • Phytologia 33: 407. 1976.
  • [Genus Andreaea and Greek bryon, moss, alluding to anomalous resemblance]

This taxon is accepted by Andreaeobryaceae
Notes: More details could be found in The Plant List v.1.1.

General Description

Stems with axillary hairs having brown to hyaline cells at the base, cells elongate distally but abruptly terminated by broadly rounded cells with a terminal beak, mucilage apparently extruded apically. Leaves not particularly brittle, ending in a mammillose, multistratose, obtuse subula without differentiated apical cells; costa poorly differentiated from the leaf lamina, strong from leaf insertion to apex; laminal cells with evenly thickened transverse and longitudinal walls, rounded, not pitted or sinuose. Capsule 0.6-1.5(-2) mm.

Common Names

[Genus Andreaea and Greek bryon, moss, alluding to anomalous resemblance]

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