Anabasis L.
  • Sp. Pl. 1: 223. 1753. (1 May 1753)

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General Information

Subshrubs. Woody stem much branched, or reduced to an enlarged, tuberculate caudex; annual branches green, jointed, glabrous or with papillate processes. Leaves opposite, semiterete and fleshy, subulate, scale-like, or obscure, bases united, apex obtuse or acute, sometimes with an acicular awn; leaf axil usually cottony. Flowers solitary in leaf axils, rarely clustered, bisexual; bractlets 2, navicular, usually shorter than perianth. Perianth segments 5, membranous; outer 3 segments broadly elliptic or suborbicular; inner 2 segments ovate; outer 3 or all 5 segments with a winglike appendage abaxially, rarely without such an appendage. Disk cupular, 5-lobed; lobes interstaminal, semiorbicular or linear, adaxially ± granulose glandular. Stamens 5, inserted on disk; filaments subulate, slightly compressed; anthers oblong-ovate, apex obtuse or mucronate. Ovary ovoid, glabrous or papillate; style short; stigmas 2, erect or recurved. Utricle subglobose to broadly ellipsoid, compressed; pericarp fleshy. Seed vertical; embryo spiral; perisperm absent.

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