Actinostemma Griff.
  • Account Bot. Coll. Cantor 24. 1841.

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Herbs, scandent. Leaves petiolate; blade cordate-hastate, cordate-ovate, broadly ovate, or lanceolate-triangular, unlobed or 3-5-lobed, margins dentate. Tendrils 2-fid or rarely simple. Plants monoecious or rarely bisexual. Flowers unisexual. Male inflorescence racemose or paniculate, rarely flowers solitary or paired; calyx rotate, segments linear-lanceolate; corolla rotate, segments lanceolate, acuminate; stamens 5(or 6), free; filaments short, filiform; anthers subovoid, extrorse, basifixed, 1-celled; anther cell oblong; connective papillose on back. Female flowers solitary or fasciculate; calyx and corolla as in male flowers; ovary ovoid, verrucose, 1-locular; style short; stigmas 3, reniform; ovules 2(-4), attached to wall near apex of locule, pendulous. Fruit ovoid, conical at apex, semi-superior, echinate, circumscissile-dehiscent near middle. Seeds 2-4, compressed, testa rugose, margin denticulate.

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