Hylocereus monacanthus (Lem.) Britton & Rose
  • Cactaceae

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General Information

Succulent shrubby root-climbers, usually epiphytic, the young stem joints elongate, rather stout, usually sharply 3-angled, the areoles marginal on the slightly undulate angles, very minutely puberulent and occasionally with 1 to few incon- spicuous spines. Flowers very showy, the perianth tube 12-15 cm. long, about 1 cm. in diameter at the base, abruptly dilating to a broadly obconic throat about 7 cm. long and broad, bearing few to several persistent foliaceous bracts 1-2 cm. long, the segments gradually spreading, greenish white, the inner rather broadly oblanceolate, subcaudate-acuminate, 12-15 cm. long; ovary cylindric-ovoid, 1.5- 2.0 cm. long, persistent foliaceous bracts 0.2-1.0 cm. long, accrescent; stigma lobes dichotomous. Berry cylindric-ovoid, about 8 cm. long, unarmed save for the marcescent bases of the bracts.

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    Epiphytic in thickets and forested river banks, Panama and Colombia.

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