Alsophila latebrosa Wall. ex Hook.
  • Sp. Fil.

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General Description

Trunk erect, 3-5 m tall, ca. 8 cm in diam. Stipes reddish brown, up to 30 cm, many persistent and forming a messy skirt on trunk, abaxial side densely warty or shortly spiny; scales at base of stipes lustrous, with fragile edges; lamina 2-pinnate-pinnatifid, ca. 2 m; pinnae up to 50 × 14 cm; pinnules ca. 25 pairs, spreading, shortly stipitate, 1.5-2 cm apart, 6-7 × ca. 1.5 cm at base, base truncate, pinnatifid almost to costules, apex long acuminate; pinnule segments 16-20 pairs, 6-8 mm, base wider, margin crenate, apex obtuse; veinlets forked. Lamina papery, pale green, glabrous on both surfaces; rachis and costae brown, warty on abaxial side, abaxial side of costules densely hairy. Sori close to midveins of fertile pinnule segments; indusia small, bilobed, scalelike, paraphyses longer than sporangia.

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