Canarium album Leenh.
  • Blumea

This is a synonym of Canarium album (Lour.) DC.
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General Information

Trees, 7-25(-35) m tall. Branchlets 5-6 mm in diam., tomentose with yellowish brown hairs when young, glabrescent. Leaves stipulate; leaflets 3-6 pairs; blades lanceolate, elliptic, or ovate, 6-14 × 2-5.5 cm, glabrous or abaxially sparsely setose on veins, base rounded or obliquely cuneate, margin entire, apex acuminate with acumen up to ca. 2 cm; lateral veins 12-16 pairs. Inflorescences axillary, minutely tomentose or glabrescent. Male flowers numerous in cymose panicles 15-30 cm; female inflorescence racemose, with less than 8 flowers. Calyx 2.5-3 mm, 3-fid in male flowers, nearly truncate in female flowers. Stamens glabrous; filaments connate for more than 1/2 of length; disk globose or terete and slightly 6-lobed in male flowers, annular, thick and fleshy, with 3 shallowly sinuate teeth and adaxially somewhat pubescent in female flowers. Infructescences 1.5-15 cm, with 1-6 fruits; persistent calyx flat, ca. 5 mm in diam., with recurved lobes. Drupe ovoid or spindle-shaped, 25-35 mm, yellow-green, glabrous; exocarp thick, wrinkled when dry; pyrene acuminate. Fl. Apr-May, fr. Oct-Dec.

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