Silvianthus bracteatus Hook. f.
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Shrubs, 0.5-1 m tall. Stems brown, subterete, slightly stout, ca. 3 mm in diam., herbaceous, glabrous. Petiole 2-7 cm, slender, flattened, glabrous; leaf blade abaxially pale green, adaxially green, elliptic, 17-25 × 7.5-10.5 cm, drying membranous, midvein slender, prominent on both surfaces, lateral veins ca. 10 pairs, arcuate-ascending, distinct on both surfaces, both surfaces glabrous, base cuneate, decurrent to petiole, margin irregular, shallowly wavy-dentate, apex shortly acuminate. Cymes axillary or terminal, shortly pedunculate or sessile, glabrous or papillose-puberulent; bracts oblong, ca. 5 × 3 cm, apex obtuse. Pedicel ca. 2 mm, puberulent. Calyx tube obconical, 2-3 mm in length and width; lobes subequal, oblong to spatulate, 7-10 × (2.5-)3(-6) mm, apex acute. Corolla white, funnelform-campanulate, ca. 1.2 cm, throat slightly expanded; lobes suborbicular, valvate. Stamens included. Style long, included. Capsule pinkish, subglobose, 6-7 × 6-7 mm, subfleshy, dehiscing down from calyx lobes into 5 valves. Seeds many. Fl. spring, fr. autumn.

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