Brachythecium ruderale (Brid.) W.R. Buck
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General Information

Plants medium-sized, in moderately dense mats, light green to light yellow-green, occasionally intense green. Stems to 5 cm, creeping, terete-foliate, irregularly to regularly pinnate, branches to 5 mm, straight, terete-foliate. Stem leaves closely to loosely appressed, imbricate, broadly ovate, broadest at 1/7 leaf length, concave, plicate, 1.1-1.5(-1.9) × 0.5-0.7(-0.8) mm; base rounded, narrowly short-decurrent; margins plane or recurved, almost subentire to serrulate, sharply serrate distally; apex gradually to abruptly tapered, ; costa to 40-70% leaf length, slender, terminal spine absent; alar cells subquadrate to short-rectangular, small, 15-25 × 13-16 µm, walls moderately thick, region ± clearly delimited, , of 5-7 × 5-7 cells; laminal cells linear, 45-65 × 5-7 µm; basal cells 20-30 × 10-13 µm, region in 2 or 3 rows, . Branch leaves similar, narrower; margins more strongly serrate. Sexual condition dioicous. Seta reddish orange, 1.5-2.5 cm, smooth. Capsule slightly inclined, reddish orange, cylindric, weakly curved, 2-2.6 mm; annulus not separating; operculum long-conic or short-rostrate. Spores 12-18 µm.

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    Plants ± lustrous, soft, slender, in dense mats. Stems irregularly to subpinnately branched, 25-75 mm long; pseudoparaphyllia foliose. Leaves crowded, erect to erect-spreading when dry, concave, plicate; narrowly ovate-lanceolate, gradually narrowed into long acumen; margins entire to denticulate; costa ending at or above mid-leaf. Upper laminal cells linear; alar cells quadrate to short-rectangular. Capsule inclined to horizontal, curved, cylindric; peristome double. Recognised by the slender, shiny, yellowish green plants and leaves with long slender acumina and a median fold often obscuring the costa.

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    Dry Grassland; Mesic Grassland. On soil.

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    Distribution Map

    • Native distribution
    Found in
    • Southern America Brazil Bahia
    • Paraní
    • Rio Grande do Sul
    • Espirito Santo
    • Minas Gerais
    • Rio de Janeiro
    • Mato Grosso do Sul


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