Andreaea schofieldiana B.M. Murray
  • Bryologist

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General Information

Plants greenish brown to brown-black. Leaves spreading, straight to secund, broadly subulate from an ovate base or lanceolate, widest in proximal half of leaf, apex symmetric; costa present, percurrent and usually filling the leaf apices, moderately differ-entiated to more often strong, terete, commonly reaching the leaf insertion; leaf margins entire or occasionally weakly crenulate; basal laminal cells rectangular, marginal cells grading to short-rectangular, walls usually sinuose, sometimes slightly pitted; medial laminal cells rounded-quadrate, 2-stratose entirely or in large patches except near costa where commonly 1-stratose, rarely 1-stratose throughout, lumens rounded; laminal papillae rare, low. Sexual condition cladautoicous; perichaetial leaves differentiated, convolute-sheathing. Spores 20-30 µm.

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