Platydictya jungermannioides (Brid.) H.A. Crum
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General Information

Plants dense, soft, silky, green to yellow-brown. Stems with branching angle narrow, branches easily detached; pseudo-paraphyllia absent; rhizoids axillary, purplish and granular-papillose at least when young. Leaves erect-spreading or sometimes ± secund, 0.1-0.3(-0.5) mm; base not or somewhat narrowed to insertion; margins serrulate, especially at insertion; alar cells subquadrate, region of 3-7 cells; distal laminal cells shortly oblong-rhomboid, 3-4:1. Specialized asexual reproduction by axillary obcuneate propagula. Sexual condition dioicous; perichaetial leaf margins ciliate-dentate distally. Seta 0.6-1.1 cm. Capsule erect, oblong- cylindric, symmetric or nearly so, 0.5-1 mm, contracted below mouth and at neck when dry, neck short; stomata in neck; annulus 2-seriate; operculum convex-conic, stoutly mammillate to ± rostellate; exostome teeth whitish yellow; endostome cilia 1 or 2, rudimentary to well developed. Spores 11-13 µm.

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