Aulacomnium acuminatum (Lindb. & Arnell) Kindb.
  • Enum. Bryin. Exot., suppl. 2,

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Plants to 10 cm, in lateral mats or erect among other mosses, yellow-brown or brown. Stems yellow or light brown; cross section pentagonal, cortical cells in 4-5 layers, medulla cell walls thick or thin, central strand well developed; rhizoids in groups along stem, hidden by leaves. Leaves strongly imbricate, not twisted when dry, erect or imbricate when moist, linear-lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, widest mid leaf, weakly concave; base not rounded, narrowed to insertion, sometimes slightly auriculate; margins prominently revolute 1.5-2 times nearly to apex, entire; apex gradually acuminate to slender-acute, usually long-attenuate in youngest leaves; costa flexuose distally; laminal cells isodiametric to elongate, papillae blunt; basal cells 2-stratose, brown. Specialized asexual reproduction absent. Perigonia as terminal discoid splash platforms; paraphyses of 5-8 cells. Perichaetia with paraphyses absent. Seta 1.5-2 cm. Capsule horizontal or slightly curved, 3 mm; operculum short-conic, rostrum blunt; endostome cilia weakly nodulose. Spores 10-13 µm, slightly papillose.

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