Oxyrrhynchium subasperum Sim
  • Trans. Roy. Soc. South Africa

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Stem 2-4 inches long, dark green, prostrate on damp banks and rocks, rooting occasionally, and bearing the sessile autoecious inflorescence and numerous, mostly simple, shining, yellowish branches 1-2 cm long, arranged pectinately; leaves somewhat laxly complanate in about eight rows, 1-5 mm long, widely ovate-acuminate, acute but not subulate, clasping, decurrent, striated when old; nerve fairly strong, extending to near the apex, ending suddenly or in a slight bristle; margin expanded, dentate from near the base, each tooth one rather wide, exserted cell; other lamina cells much narrower, vermicular, 80 x 10 µm, gradually shorter and wider near the base where they are oblong, 30 x 20 µm, and thick-walled. Autoecious; per. leaves numerous, wide, short, clasping, shortly pointed, dentate; seta 2 cm long or more, red, rough; capsule dark brown, shortly oblong, horizontal, somewhat irregular, contracted below the mouth when dry, without ring or mouth-band; peristome red, permanent; outer indexed toward the inner cone, but when moist and pressed all equally high; outer closely barred, inner perforated along the keel and on very high membrane, with two slender, short cilia between each. Lid beaked.

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    Cape and Natal.

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