Hygrohypnum cochlearifolium (Venturi) Broth.
  • Nat. Pflanzenfam.

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General Information

Plants very soft, yellow to yellow-green with conspicuous rusty mottling. Stems to 5 cm, usually shorter, denuded basally, usually unbranched or infrequently and irregularly branched; hyalodermis absent, epidermal cells small, walls thick, similar to subadjacent cortical cells, central strand weak, poorly differentiated. Leaves stiffly and loosely imbricate to erect-spreading, straight, sometimes secund, changing little or shrinking visibly when dry, loosely imbricate or spreading when moist, usually ovate, very broadly ovate, or ovate-elliptic, very deeply concave to cochleariform, (0.5-)0.8-1.2(-1.5) × (0.3-)0.6-1(-1.3) mm; margins recurved in small leaves, usually plane in larger leaves, entire; apex usually obtuse or rounded, rarely acute; costa usually double and short with one arm to mid leaf, sometimes single and short to mid leaf, or ecostate; alar cells few, quadrate, short-rectangular, or irregular, region not clearly defined or undifferentiated; basal laminal cell length variable; medial cells short-fusiform, short linear-flexuose, or rhombic, 26-48(-55) × (4-)5-6(-8) µm; apical cells shorter to more rhombic; marginal cells shorter. Sexual condition unknown; perichaetia unknown. Seta yellowish to reddish, 1.2-1.6 cm. Capsule with endostome cilia 2 or 3.

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