Calymperes tenerum Müll. Hal.
  • Linnaea

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General Information

Plants gregarious or tufted, pale green to brownish, straight or curved at tips when dry, to 5 mm or more but mostly much shorter. Leaves dimorphic; vegetative 1-3 mm; distal lamina oblong to broadly linear-lanceolate; margins 1-stratose or slightly thickened distally, entire; costa in cross section showing ad- and abaxial bands of stereid cells; medial cells distinct, 7-8 µm, slightly bulging adaxially, smooth or minutely papillose abaxially; teniolae absent; cancellinae ending in broad angles distally, adaxial cells smooth distally; gemmiferous leaves with apex of costa excurrent, bearing gemmae in pale golfball-like spheres all around on costa apex.

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    11. Calymperes tenerum C. Müll.   细叶花叶藓   xi-ye hua-ye xian Linnaea 37: 174. 1872. Type. India: Bengalia, Calcutta, S. Kurz s.n. (isotype BM).   Plants small, pale, compact, in low turfs. Stems short, forked; rhizoids brown. Leaves only somewhat dimorphic, 2–3 mm long, not much contorted when dry, usually secund, straight and erect-spreading when wet, vegetative leaves oblong, gemmiferous leaves oblong or acuminate, axillary hairs inconspicuous; costa excurrent in gemmiferous leaves; cells of upper laminae isodiametric, smooth to unipapillose abaxially, mammillose-papillose adaxially; margins unistratose or slightly thickened, entire throughout; teniolae lacking; cancellinae narrow, typically truncate distally. Gemmae common, in pale spherical clusters all around on tip of excurrent costa. Sporophytes not seen.  

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    Diagnostic Description

    This species is similar to C. victoriae Dix., but differs in the excurrent costa, absence of teniolae and smaller size.

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    Plants small, dark green to yellow-green, scattered or in small tufts; corticolous. Stems erect, 1-2 mm high, unbranched; in section without central strand, cortical cells large, thickened, becoming smaller toward margin. Leaves incurved or contorted dry, erect-spreading wet; oblong or occasionally weakly obovate, 2.0-2.8 mm long; apex acute to obtuse; base not broader than lamina; margins plane, entire, thickened above base, in section forming small knob of 3-5 round cells. Costa short-excurrent, with gemmiferous tip, dorsally spinulose above base; in section oval, guide cells 6, ventral substereid band 5 cells thick, cells irregularly shaped, ventral surface cells slightly smaller than laminal cells, sharply mammillose, dorsal substereid band to 6 cells thick, cells irregularly shaped, dorsal surface cells round, sharply mammillose. Upper laminal cells quadrate to hexagonal, mammillose ventrally, weakly papillose dorsally; marginal cells quadrate, smooth, rectangular below; cancellinae rectangular; teniolae absent. Gemmae fusiform, in apical cluster on all sides of excurrent costa. Sporophyte not known from Africa.

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    C. tenerum has been collected in Java, west and east Africa, the West Indies, Mexico and southern Florida, U.S.A. The Southern African specimens were collected on trees along Ku-Nkanini Stream in northern Zululand and in coastal dune forest near Sodwana Bay.

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    • Minas Gerais
    • Rio de Janeiro
    • São Paulo

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