Diphyscium satoi Tuzibe
  • Iconogr. Pl. As. Orient.

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7. Diphyscium satoi Tuzibe in Nakai   小短颈藓  xiao duan jing xian Iconogr. Pl. As. Orient. 2(1): 114. pl. 47. 1937. Type: Japan. Hokkaido, Mt. Daisetu, Tuzibe s.n. (holotype TNS).   Plants small, usually less than 5 mm high, often in clumps. Stems simple; in cross section central strand absent. Leaves curled when dry, erect-spreading when moist, 0.5–1.5 mm × 0.1–0.3 mm, linear-lanceolate or narrowly ovate-lanceolate; obtuse or broadly acute at apex; leaf margins nearly entire throughout, sometimes weakly crenulate above, usually bistratose; costa percurrent, without stereid band in cross section; leaf cells unistratose at base, usually bistratose above; median cells rounded to quadrate, 7–15 µm in diameter, smooth; basal cells rectangular to quadrate, 15–50 µm × 5–14 µm, hyaline, smooth. Axillary hairs 5–12 cells long. Dioicous. Male plants usually smaller than female plants. Perichaetia terminal; perichaetial leaves ovate-lanceolate, awn excurrent, smooth; dissected or occasionally laciniate above at margins. Setae short, to 0.2 mm long; capsules ovoid, ventricose, obliquely asymmetric, 2–3 mm × 0.5–1.2 mm, abruptly narrowed at base and mouth; exothecial cells weakly collenchymatous; stomata at mouth of capsule; annuli well differentiated, consisting of 1–3 thick-walled cells; opercula conic, to 1.0 mm long, obtuse, smooth; peristome present. Calyptrae conic, smooth. Spores spherical, 7–14 µm in diameter.    

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