Diphyscium longifolium Griff.
  • Calcutta J. Nat. Hist.

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4. Diphyscium longifolium Griff.   齿边短颈藓   chi bian duan jing xian Calcutta J. Nat. Hist. 2: 477. 1842. Webera longifolia (Griff.) Broth., Nat. Pflanzenfam. I(3): 664. 1904. Type: India. Khasia, Moosmai, Griffith 771 (lectotype BM, lectotypified by Magombo 2003). Diphyscium rupestre Dozy & Molk., Pl. Jungh. 3: 340. 1854. Webera rupestris (Dozy & Molk.) Broth., Nat. Pflanzenfam. I(3): 664. 1904.   Plants small to rather large, 5–30 mm high, usually in clumps, rarely in scattered tufts. Stems simple or branched; in cross section central strand present. Leaves curled when dry, erect-spreading when moist, 3–9(–12) mm × 0.3–1.0 mm, linear-lanceolate, oblong-spathulate to oblong-ovate; acute to obtuse, mucronate to apiculate at apex; leaf margins entire below, serrate above, marginal teeth unicellular or multicellular; costa percurrent or shortly excurrent, with two stereid bands in cross section; leaf cells unistratose at base, bistratose above; median cells rounded to quadrate, 4–12 µm in diameter, smooth. Axillary hairs 5–18 cells long. Dioicous. Male plants usually smaller than female plants. Perichaetia terminal; perichaetial leaves lanceolate, awn excurrent, smooth or papillose, margins entire at base, dissected or laciniate above, sometimes deeply notched. Setae very short, to 0.3 mm long; capsules oblong-ovoid, obliquely asymmetric, 3–5 mm × 1–2 mm, abruptly narrowed at base and mouth; exothecial cells collenchymatous; stomata often absent, sometimes present at the mouth of capsule; annuli well differentiated, consisting of one to three rows of thick-walled cells; opercula conic, to 1 mm long, obtuse, smooth; peristome present. Calyptrae cucullate, smooth. Spores spherical, 8–14 µm in diameter, papillose.

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