Brachymenium nepalense Hook.
  • Sp. Musc. Frond., Suppl. 2

This taxon is accepted by Bryaceae
Notes: More details could be found in The Plant List v.1.1. Originally in The Plant List v.1.0


Plants medium-sized, loosely caespitose or gregarious, green to yellow-green; corticolous. Stems 5-10 mm long, sparsely radiculose below; in section cortical cells in 4-6 rows. Leaves crowded and larger above, ± comose, spirally twisted around stem when dry, erect-spreading wet; oblong to elliptical or obovate, 1.5-2.2 mm long; apex obtuse, cuspidate; margins narrowly revolute from base to near apex, weakly serrate at apex. Costa short-excurrent; in section round, guide cells 2, small, ventral cells 2, in single layer, similar to guide cells, dorsal stereid band strong, 4 cells thick, with hydroids present below guide cells, dorsal surface cells similar to ventral surface cells, frequently thickened. Upper laminal cells mostly 2-3: 1, oblong-hexagonal, 37-50 µm long, 15-20 µm wide, thin-walled, weakly pitted; marginal cells elongate and thickened, in 2-3 rows forming weak border, generally not visible because of revolute margins; basal cells quadrate to rectangular, 1-2:1, thin-walled, faintly reddish. Perichaetial leaves triangular, smaller than vegetative leaves. Seta 20 mm long, reddish yellow; capsule erect, cylindrical-pyriform, 2.5-4.0 mm long, yellow-brown, mouth reddish, neck sulcate, 1.0-1.5 mm long; exothecial cells rectangular, weakly thickened, smaller at mouth; peristome teeth narrowly tri-angular, ±300 µm high; endostome with high basal membrane, segments absent; operculum conical; spores round, 25 µm, green, papillose.


The species has been reported from Japan to southeast Asia, New Guinea, India, central and southern Africa, Madagascar and Mauritius. In the Flora area the species has been rarely collected in the forests of the eastern and northern Transvaal and Natal.


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  • 2 Sp. Musc. Frond., Suppl. 2

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