Andreaeobryum macrosporum Steere & B.M. Murray
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Protonemata massive, globose, multicellular, giving rise to a branched and thallose protonema, and protonematal appendages that are persistent, cylindrical and multiseriate, to 2 mm. Stems 2-4(-6) cm, hyalodermis absent, sclerodermis of 3-4 thicker-walled cells, central strand absent, sparse, red-brown, 1-seriate rhizoids at base. Leaves little changed on drying, erect-spreading, falcate-secund when moist, near stem base 0.3-0.4 mm, gradually larger toward stem apices, to 1-1.7 mm, clustered in the stem apices as a fist-like coma, base scarcely differentiated to ovate or elliptic, somewhat decurrent, lamina gradually to abruptly ending in the subula in the distal 1/5 or less, lamina plane to gently concave, margins plane to slightly incurved proximally, smooth to weakly sinuose in the subula; basal cells gradually differentiated, occasionally hyaline near insertion, short-rectangular, 2(-3):1, all cells distal to the base rounded-quadrate, occasionally slightly oblate, 12-20(-25) µm, all cells firm, thick-walled, more thickened at the cell angles, thickenings not irregular, not trigonous, cell walls smooth, convex to bulging-mammillose, especially in the subula. Sexual condition dioicous; perigonia gemmate, terminal and lateral, perigonial leaves broadly ovate, short apiculate, interior perigonial leaves 1-stratose, ecostate, wider than long, antheridia usually 4-6, on 2-seriate stalks; perichaetia terminal or lateral, 1-4 per stem, interior leaves little different from the cauline, minute, multistratose, innermost leaf little longer than the archegonium. Seta red-brown, concolorous with capsule base, massive, not twisted, 0.6-1.2(-2) × 0.2-0.4 mm, foot long-tapering, not swollen. Capsule red-brown to shining black with age, the broad base paler and the narrower, conic distal portion darker and developing 4-8 hygroscopic, longitudinal, dehiscent slits for spore dispersal.

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