Rhachidosorus consimilis Ching
  • Acta Phytotax. Sin.

This taxon is accepted by Rhachidosoraceae
Notes: More details could be found in The Plant List v.1.1. Originally in The Plant List v.1.0

General Description

Rhizome erect, up to 4 cm (including remaining stipe bases); fronds caespitose. Fertile frond up to 2 m; stipe yellow-brown at base, upward stramineous, up to 1 m, up to 1 cm in diam. at base, base with dense yellow-brown lanceolate scales, upward glabrous; lamina 2- or 3-pinnate, deltoid, as long as stipe, apex long acuminate; pinnae up to 25 pairs, basal 2 pairs largest, up to 50 ´ 15 cm, broadly lanceolate, pinnatilobate and caudate, with stalk up to 3 cm, apex long acuminate; pinnules up to 20 pairs, alternate, spreading, anadromous, up to 8 ´ 2.5 cm, broadly lanceolate, symmetrical or base slightly asymmetrical, with stalk up to 5 mm, apex acuminate, long caudate; pinnule lobes up to 8 pairs, ovate or oblong, ca. 1 cm ´ 7 mm, base asymmetrical, wider acroscopically, cuneate at basiscopic base, shallowly lobed, apex rounded; secondary lobes of pinnule lobes less than 5 pairs, contiguous, oblique, truncate to rounded. Veins pinnate, veinlets less than 5 pairs per pinnule lobe, 2 pairs in secondary lobe, others forked or simple. Lamina green, paler abaxially, herbaceous when dry, rachis stramineous, glabrous. Sori slightly lunate, oblique, costular to 5 pairs in pinnule lobe; indusia pale brown when dry. Perispore surface with irregular warty ornamentation.

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