Cyathea brevistipes R.C. Moran
  • Novon

This is a synonym of Cyathea parvifolia Sodiro
Notes: More details could be found in The Plant List v.1.1. Originally in The Plant List v.1.0

General Description

Trunk 1.5-3 m tall, ca. 3 cm wide; petiole 2- 11 cm long, brown to yellowish brown, not spiny, scurf consisting of whitish to light brown, appressed trichomidia; petiole scales 15-30 x 2-3 mm, lan- ceolate to linear, shiny dark brown medially (with occasional blackish areas) with lighter brown mar- gins (these easily abraded or yellowish brown and nearly concolorous); lamina 40-100 cm long, ellip- tic with the basal pinnae strongly reduced and re- mote from the next distal pair, the apex gradually tapered; pinnae (exclusive of the distal pinnatifid ones) 11-14 pairs, alternate; pinnules 2.5-6.5 x 0.6-1.8 cm, sessile or nearly so; ultimate segments 2-6 mm wide, entire to crenulate, 10-12 pairs per pinnule, obtuse to acute; rachis, costae, costules, and midribs of the ultimate segments scaly and lack- ing hairs or puberulent, the scales golden brown, entire, ovate to lanceolate and becoming (on the distal portions of the leaf) orbicular-bullate with abruptly acuminate apices; veins l(-2)-forked, 5- 7 per ultimate segment, dark, glabrous abaxially, pubescent adaxially; laminar tissue between the veins glabrous abaxially, pubescent adaxially, the hairs 0.2-0.4 mm long, appressed, jointed, tortuous, whit- ish; sori subcostular, borne at the vein fork, indu- siate, the indusium sphaeropteroid, with a darkened, indistinct apical umbo; paraphyses inconspicuous, shorter than the sporangia, dark reddish brown.

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