Athyrium rubripes (Kom.) Kom.
  • Izv. Kievsk. Bot. Sada

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General Information

Rhizomes short, stout, erect, apex clothed with dark brown, broadly lanceolate scales. Fronds caespitose; fertile fronds 50-65 cm; stipe blackish brown at base, upward pink, shiny, 20-28 cm, base 1.5-2 mm in diam., similarly scaly, upward glabrate; lamina 2-pinnate, oblong-lanceolate, 30-40 × 12-14 cm at middle, base slightly narrowed, apex acuminate; pinnae ca. 15 pairs, subalternate, ascending, subsessile, basal 2 or 3 pairs of pinnae slightly shortened, basal pinnae ca. 3 cm; middle pinnae lanceolate, 8-10 × 1.7-2 cm, base truncate or narrowly cuneate on basiscopic side, pinnate, apex acuminate; pinnules 12-20 pairs, subopposite, subspreading, oblong, 8-12 × 3-4 mm, base subtruncate on acroscopic side, narrowly cuneate on basiscopic side, decurrent and adnate to wing of costa (sometimes basal 1 or 2 pairs of pinnules free), cut to 1/3, apex acute or obtuse; pinnule segments 5-7 pairs, suboblong, with 3 or 4 small teeth at apex; veins visible on both surfaces, costules impressed adaxially, protuberant abaxially, lateral veins 2- or 3-forked in segments, pinnate in basal acroscopic segments, single per tooth, extending to tooth tip. Lamina thinly herbaceous when dried, green or yellow-green, glabrate on both surfaces; rachis and costae stramineous, slightly pink, abaxially with sparse small scales and squarrose-glandular hairs. Sori oblong, 4 or 5 pairs per pinnule, inframedial, uniseriate on each side of midrib; indusia brownish, mostly oblong, occasionally J-shaped or horseshoe-shaped, membranous, erose at margin, persistent. Perispore surface without folds.

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